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Antilia Homes are custom home builders and property developers serving the Ottawa region, specialising in custom builds of mid to high-rise apartment blocks, luxury detached homes and retail outlets. With an extensive portfolio of successful projects, inspired by a wealth of knowledge, our staff are ready to work on an extensive range of challenging and diverse tasks.

Whether it be a mid to high-rise apartment block, a luxury detached home, or a row of retail outlets: Antilia Homes can make your property dreams a reality.


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Luxury High-rise Developments in Ottawa

Antilia Homes are dedicated to responsible land development that creates opportunities for multi-family living at our complexes.

Our mid and high-rise apartment blocks are located in some of the most desirable locations in Ottawa and offer a truly distinctive lifestyle for our tenants.

Find your home at one of our idyllic high-rise apartments and explore the upscale living experience that awaits.

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79A Kenora Street Antilia Homes Lounge

Refined Interiors

Our custom homes feature top-spec finishes: from beautiful kitchens, right through to lavish bathrooms. This is where a custom house becomes your home.

Our affordable properties benefit from durable fixtures and materials.

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Desirable Locations

Using our extensive knowledge of local planning laws and area desirability, we find and secure the most in-demand plots across Ottawa. In recent years we have developed a number of bespoke homes in the Westboro Village neighbourhood.

Westboro Village Spotlight

79A Kenora Street Antilia Homes Island
79A Kenora Street Antilia Homes Stair

Expertly Crafted

Our project managers contract select craftspeople from across Ontario, ensuring your build is finished to the highest degree of quality and durability. All our properties have Tarion warranties, giving you peace of mind.

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Available Properties

419 & 423 Ravenhill Avenue

  • Beds: 2 or 3
  • Baths: 2
  • 1600 sqft per unit

Past Projects

81 Kenora Street

  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 5
  • 2800 sqft

155 Northwestern Avenue

  • Beds: 4+1
  • Baths: 4
  • 2700 sqft

Carleton Avenue Phase II

  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 4
  • 1900 sqft

377 & 379 Dominion

  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 3

Dominion Avenue Condo

  • Beds: 2
  • Baths: 2

Carleton Avenue Phase I

  • Beds: 3 or 4
  • 2650 sqft

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