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Antilia Homes specialise in ensuring smooth relocations for all our homeowners and tenants

Moving to Ottawa’s best neighbourhoods doesn’t need to be stressful…

Moving to a new home can be the most stressful event in your life, but the team here at Antilia Homes doesn’t think it needs to be that way. We provide a full suite of services to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible. From storage providers, right through to local dentists and driver’s licenses: our team is ready to help facilitate your relocation.

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Antilia Homes Relocation Services Ottawa
Needs Analysis
Our team will discuss your lifestyle and unique relocation story. With this information, we'll pool our knowledge and devise a relocation plan that tailors our services to your needs.
Moving Services
Traditionally, the biggest ordeal of moving to a new home is the physical process of moving your possessions: luckily for you, we can manage the move for you.
Ongoing Support
Unlike other companies, we don't just leave a Welcome Guide on the doormat and disappear: we provide ongoing advice to help you settle into your new neighbourhood.

Many of our tenants and homeowners are relocating: coming from abroad to start a new life in Canada, or moving from other regions of the country. Regardless of how big or small your move may be, we tailor our services to you. Our experienced team – with the benefit of local knowledge and connections – will provide ongoing support and advice, in order to cater to your needs.

As a guide, some of the services we offer include…

Storage providers • Cleaning companies • Local utility providers • Internet plan information • Cooking services • The best local schools • Driver’s education and licenses • Health cards • Reputable doctors and dentists • Information about local transport

We not only provide advice, but facilitate many of these processes for you, with continued support after you move into your new home.

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