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Here at Antilia Homes, we pay great attention to detail, ensuring that your home is finished with the utmost care. This means that our team carefully oversees every aspect of the build, from the initial structural evaluations, right through to the interior finishes such as painting and tiling.


Only first class craftsmen work on our sites, which allows us to ensure that essential finishes – such as paint and tile – are precise and professional. Many new-builds are plagued by sloppy finishing, due to the developer’s hastiness in finishing the project, or lack of skill and attention to detail on behalf of the tradesperson. We at Antilia Homes ensure that we avoid shoddy finishes, such as uneven tiling, insufficient grouting, and imprecise painting.

An example of our high standards of finish can be seen in the below photograph of 377 Dominion Avenue’s stunning double vanity sink…

Double vanity sinks in 377 Dominion Avenue



We build your home to last, and to stand-up to the daily wear-and-tear that living in your home will entail. That’s why we fit every Antilia Home with top-of-the-range fixtures, such as stylish and durable Grohe taps and shower heads, soft-close toilets to avoid slams, and sturdy yet stunning kitchen fixtures.

Stylish and durable plumbing fixtures in our Carleton Avenue Property


We fit your new home with high-spec appliances, from washing machines through to induction stoves. We understand that regardless of whether you’re a young family or a retired couple, you want to have reliable and efficient appliances to help you spend more time relaxing, and less time fretting about warranties and accidents.

A stylish kitchen finish with induction hob and built-in microwave oven.


As I’m sure you can see, we devote a great deal of attention to the small details, as we know these are the things that will have the biggest impact on how much you enjoy your new home.


Best wishes,

The Antilia Homes Team

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